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This class is all about getting you right into improvising!  First, I’ll provide some guidance around specific notes that you can use over different chords and how to read a chord chart. Then I’ll provide some backing tracks for you start improvising over. 

Video Tutorials

To complete the class project, please share a link to an audio or video recording of you improvising over one of these mp3 backing tracks: C Minor, F blues, or F Blues Piano Bass Only.  


គ្រប់ៗយ៉ាង - Everything MUSIC VIDEO [feat. Rathom]

Thank you for your support of my ministry in producing worship and praising music.

10 000 Reasons Violin by Don Ryan Meringuez [MUSIC VIDEO]

10000 Reason is a violin cover song by Don Ryan at Asia-Pacific International University. 

Adore - Jaci Velasquez [Music Video] 4K

Adore – Jaci Velasquez [Music Video] 4K  Covered by: Tracy Kim

Khmer Cultural Show - Asia Pacific International University

This is the video of our Cambodian students in a cultural show at Asia-Pacific International University.